Adding Dependencies

Creating Dependencies When Creating Tasks

Dependencies are most commonly created when a task is initially created.

GoalStream provides a number of commands for creating tasks , most of which enable you to create dependencies at the same time.

Add Dependency Mode

Add Dependency Mode is the general purpose way of adding dependencies between tasks.

You can add a dependency relationship between any two tasks in your project, so long as doing so would not introduce a circular dependency.

Commands for adding and removing dependencies

To enter Add Dependency Mode, press d. The Add Dependency Mode commands will become available.

Commands for Add Dependency Mode

How it works

When in Add Dependency Mode, orange arrows are drawn between the tasks that make up the secondary selection and the task that makes up the primary selection.

These arrows represent pending (or potential) dependency relationships. They will not actually become a part of your project until you execute the Add Dependency To Selected command (Enter).

Add Dependency Mode with pending arrows: Add dependency mode with pending connections

After executing Add Dependency To Selected: Add dependency mode result

When in Add Dependency Mode, you can still use all of the normal commands for navigating your project.

You can also continue to modify the secondary selection, which controls what new dependencies will be created.

The Reverse Direction Command

The Reverse Direction command lets you flip the direction that the pending arrows are drawn.

Instead of making the primary selection dependent on each of the secondary selections, you can make each of the secondary selections dependent on the primary selection. To do so, press r while in Add Dependency Mode.

Deleting Dependencies

The Detach Task command deletes all connections entering or leaving the selected task (primary selection + secondary selection).

Currently, the only way to delete an individual dependency is by right clicking the dependency and selecting Delete Dependency.

We will be adding keyboard commands that will allow you to delete individual dependencies in the near future.