Setting Deadlines

A task with a target completion date set

Setting deadlines for yourself is a key part of accomplishing your goals . GoalStream makes it easy to set deadlines for each task and provides commands for manipulating deadlines efficiently.

You can open the task window by pressing o, and edit the target completion date field directly.

Or, you can press t to enter Target Date Mode, and manipulate the target date with the keyboard.

Target Date Mode

Target Date Mode lets you quickly set or adjust the target completion date for the selected task.

After pressing t to enter Target Date Mode, a pop down appears below the selected task.

The target date mode popdown

You can enter the desired number of time periods. What "time period" means and how it is used to update the target date depends on your next command. The time period can be one of the following:

  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
  • Quarter
  • Year

In Target Date Mode, there are three kinds of commands that you can use to update target dates. Let's talk about each in turn.

Setting the Target Date Relative to Today's Date

Commands for setting the target date relative to today's date

These commands set the target date to today's date plus the number of time periods that you have specified.

For example, if you enter "5" in the time periods field and then use the Set Days From Today command, the target date will be set to five days after the current date.

The other commands in this group work the same way, but instead of days you can specify a time period in weeks (or months, years, etc.).

Shifting the Selected Tasks's Deadline

Commands for shifting the selected task's deadline.

These commands shift an existing deadline back or forward.

For example, say you are updating a task with a deadline of June 15, 2019. You enter "5" in the time periods field and then use the Shift By Days command. The new deadline for that task will be June 20, 2019 (June 15, 2019 + 5 days).

As with the previous group of commands, you can use any of the supported time period units (days, weeks, months, quarters, or years) by choosing the appropriate command.

To make a deadline earlier instead of later, you would enter a negative value in the time periods field.

Shifting Downstream Deadlines

Commands for shifting downstream deadlines.

This last group of commands is also the most powerful.

Whereas the previous two groups of commands only modify the selected task, this group modifies the selected task and all downstream tasks.

Why would you want to do that?

Remember, tasks that are downstream of the selected task depend on the selected task. You can't start working on any of the downstream tasks until you finish working on that selected task.

Imagine that you're running behind schedule. It happens. It's looking like Task X won't be finished until about a week later than you had initially thought.

If Task X needs to be pushed back, then everything downstream will likely need to be pushed back as well.

These commands allow you to adjust all of the tasks that will be affected by a delay, all at once.