Scroll Commands

Whenever you use a navigation command to select a task that is currently off-screen, GoalStream will automatically scroll to make that task visible. Usually this is all you need in order to move around in your project.

However, it can also be convenient to scroll around manually.

You can scroll with the mouse by clicking on the main panel and dragging to the desired position.

But taking you hands off of the keyboard is never an efficient way to operate. Therefore, GoalStream also provides a way of scrolling via keyboard commands.

Scroll Mode

Command for entering scroll mode

Here's how this works:

  1. You use the Enter "Scroll Mode" command (x) to enter Scroll Mode.
  2. In Scroll Mode, the basic navigation commands are replaced by commands for scrolling.
  3. When you are finished scrolling, use the Exit "Scroll Mode" command. The basic navigation commands will be restored.
  4. Scroll commands

    Check out this tip to learn how Scroll Mode can be combined with other commands to select tasks efficiently.