The Task Workflow

Screenshot showing tasks in all the different statuses

At any point in time, a task will be in one of the following statuses: Not Started, In Progress, Done, or Blocked.

Tasks progress through these statuses in a simple workflow:

  1. Initially, the task is Not Started.
  2. Once you begin working on the task, it becomes In Progress.
  3. When you have completed the task, it becomes Done.

The Blocked status indicates that one or more of the task's dependencies is still incomplete.

Unlike the other statuses, you don't manually mark tasks as Blocked. Tasks are blocked and unblocked automatically based on the statuses of the task's dependencies.

Keyboard Commands Related to Task Status

Next Status / Previous Status

You can advance the selected task to the next status by pressing s. Move through statuses in the reverse direction by pressing S (capital S).

Filter Completed

To hide all tasks whose status is Done, press fc.

Use the same keys to make the completed tasks visible again.