Tracking Your Progress

You can create actions plans that are more likely to succeed by taking the time to estimate how much work each task will require.

Realistic schedules are impossible if you don't at least have some idea of how long the tasks in your project will take.

GoalStream lets you set estimates for each task and log how much time you spend on each task. You can see how your estimates match up against reality, and thereby improve your estimatation skills over time.

Setting Estimates

The way Estimate Mode (and Log Work Mode; see next section) work is similar to how Target Date Mode works.

You can set an estimate for how long the selected task will take (in hours) by pressing e to enter Estimate Mode.

A pop down will appear below the selected task prompting you to enter a number of hours.

Estimating the hours remaining for a task

At this point you will have access to the Estimate Mode commands:

Estimate mode commands

You can either:

  • Press Ctrl + Enter to set the estimate to the value you entered into the hours field.
  • Press Enter to add the value you entered to the current estimate. Enter a negative value to decrease the estimate.

Logging Work

Press w to enter Log Work Mode and update your hours worked.

Logging work for a task

Here are the commands for logging work: Log work mode commands

Press Enter to set your total hours worked for the selected task to the value you've entered.

Press Ctrl + Enter to add (or subtract) the value you've entered to the number of hours you've worked so far.