Upcoming Tasks List

GoalStream strives to make your projects easy to comprehend.

The main visualization of your project as a directed graph makes it easy to understand the structure of your project as a whole and to think about the dependencies between tasks.

But sometimes you'll just want to see a simple, linear ordering of tasks: a list!

The Upcoming Tasks List lets you easily answer questions such as:

  • What should I be working on now?
  • What will I be working on in the next week? The next month? Beyond?
  • Are any tasks overdue?

GoalStream compiles the Upcoming Tasks List based on the dependencies between tasks and the deadlines you set.

The list consists of incomplete tasks that are ordered by their dependency relationships and by their target completion dates. In other words, a task can appear in the list only after all of its (incompleted) dependencies have appeared.

Screenshot of the Upcoming Tasks panel

Notice the blue border around the task named Implement Feature X? That means that the task is selected, the same as it does in the main window.

You can select a task by clicking on it in the list, or by using one of the keyboard commands we'll mention shortly.

If a task is selected in the Upcoming Tasks List, it is also selected in the main window. They are not separate selections.

Navigating Upcoming Tasks

Here are our keyboard commands for navigating the Upcoming Tasks List: