Your First Project

Let's create your first project!

Screenshot of the GoalStream interface

The Projects button in the top left corner of your screen toggles the Projects Panel.

In the Projects Panel, you can:

  • Create new projects
  • Load existing projects
  • Delete projects

Press the Create Project button at the bottom of the Projects Panel to create a project.

Project Panel Commands

When the project search field has focus, you have access to several keyboard commands related to the Projects Panel.

Project panel keyboard commands

Project Search

As you type in the projects search field, projects will be fuzzy matched against the search criteria. Non-matching projects will be hidden.

A single project in the projects list can be selected at any time. The selected project will have a slightly darker colored background than the other projects in the list.

You can load or delete the selected project with the relevant keyboard command. (Press Enter to load the project and Del to delete it).

You can also change which project is selected with the up and down arrow keys.