GoalStream lets you plan and brainstorm without losing your focus.

The wonderfully efficient way to get organized when you don't know where to start.

GoalStream task: Read book 'Practical Vim: Edit Text at the Speed of Thought

Take control

When you're feeling overwhelmed, GoalStream helps you to deal with the complexity.

You'll be able to break tasks into manageable parts, view the dependencies between tasks, set due dates, and much more.

Don't think twice

Enjoy an intuitive visualization of your project that frees mental bandwidth and boosts your productivity.

GoalStream screenshot
Computer keyboard

Perfect for touch typists

Finally! — a tool designed to let you fully leverage the skills you already have.

We optimized GoalStream to keep your fingers on the home row, enabling you to work at the blazing speeds you know you're capable of.

No mouse graphic

Ditch the mouse

Staying in the zone is hard enough without the distraction of reaching for the mouse.

Thanks to GoalStream's 100+ keyboard commands, you can forget about the mouse and keep your focus intact.

Ninja cartoon

Feel like a ninja

Fly around your project using powerful commands and make precision edits.

Maximize productivity as you minimize keystrokes.

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